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Something Bohemian is the story of a nonconformist fashion lover who understands that style is unconventional.

She is a hippy who rejects the idea that one can not wear the same piece Blingshiki takes her on a fashion fusion with a collection that is 1 piece yet worn in 5 different ways.


Something bohemian is made up of 18,800 crystals that detail the African symbols; the Duafe - a wooden comb that demonstrates beauty, hygeine & feminine qualities , the Ananse Ntontan - the spider's web which demonstrates wisdom & creativity, Adinkrahene of greatness, charisma & leadership, the Aya - fern for endurance & resourcefulness and ultimately, Gye Nyame which tells of  the supremacy of God


This avant-gardist collection is solely for free spirits who understand fashion's true worth as a mode of expression

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