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Blingshiki left the audience wanting more at African Fashion Week Nigeria's 2-day iconic catwalk

On April 1 & 2, African Fashion Week Nigeria hosted Blingshiki to a 2 day media fashion runways held at the National Theater & the Tinubu square in Lagos, Nigeria.

AFWN took the initiative to partner with Lagos State Government with an objective to not only create fashion stories around these iconic locations, but also to remind us all about the historic significance of these places.

Day 1 at the National Theater, Iganmu was only a tip on the iceberg where Blingshiki was the first designer on the runway showcasing 3 collections worn by 20 amazing professional models; Blingshiki Classic, Blingshiki chic & Blingshiki something bohemian. We left the audience wanting more. It was a BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE for Blingshiki.

Day 2 was even more ecstatic. Who knew Tinubu Square could be so beautiful with the water falls and artistic lightning? We showcased our 'aso ara' collection - Blinged out & Laser cut Aso oke. WE NAILED IT! I eavesdropped on the commissioner for tourism, Honourable Adebimpe Akinsola, wishing she could redo her wedding ceremony just to be in those breathtaking pieces. It was dark when we got on the runway and the rays of light from different angles even made these collections more radiant and the crystals sparkling. WE BLINGED UP THE RUNWAY SO MUCH THEY NEEDED SUNSHADES AT NIGHT!

I do not agree any better with @ckknightphoto who tagged blingshiki in his posts on instagram calling us the 'SERIAL SLAYER' who left the audience wanting more!

Stay tuned for a documentary being published with the 2 day iconic catwalk show by AFWN.

Blingshiki, unconventional fashion that's Hippie &futuristic yet inspired from African heritage...our own pop culture MADE IN NIGERIA 📌#afro-chic-culture

Instagram/facebook/twitter: @blingshiki

Scroll down for videos and photos of Blingshiki from AFWN ICONINC CATWALK

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