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This 'chic-hoody' gives the wearer a playful yet, elagant look. This contemporary fashion piece is timeless.

Masculine silhouettes are in vogue, this is a FASHION MUST HAVE!

Chic Hoody Agbada

Fabric Color
Crystal Color
  • The Blingshiki is a must-have fashion piece that was inspired from the traditional African danshiki.

    By substituting the traditional embroidery detailing with crystals, the blingshiki has become popular for its Afro-chic style.

    All the crystals used have been carefully selected and do not fall off even after laundry.

    The fabrics used are either Piquee/polished cotton which are sourced from the world's best textile manufacturers.

    Every piece is made uniquely for that special customer. This is why Blingshikis are not mass produced.